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Master's Programme "Food Quality and Safety" (M.Sc.)

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Course Structure

The Master's programme "Food Quality and Safety" (M.Sc.) comprises modules with a total of 120 ECTS credits. It offers a broad range of modules, which are structured into the following module areas:

A. Biology and Biochemistry of Food (13 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Food Microbiology (6 ECTS credits)
  • Crop Plant and Animal Biology (7 ECTS credits)
B. Human Biology (6 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Nutrition Physiology and Immunology (6 ECTS credits)
C. Food Chemistry (12 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Chemical Food Analysis (6 ECTS credits)
  • Food Metabolome and Toxicology (6 ECTS credits)
D. Data Science/ Information Technology/ Statistics (6 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Data Analysis and Statistics (6 ECTS credits)
E. Law (18 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Introduction to Law and Food Law (5 ECTS credits)
  • Food Quality and Food Authenticity Law (4 ECTS credits)
  • Food Trade Law (4 ECTS credits)
  • Food Safety and Risk Management Law (5 ECTS credits)
F. Management (10 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Food Quality Management (5 ECTS credits)
  • Food Supply Chain Management (5 ECTS credits)
G. Multidisciplinary Trainings (10 ECTS credits)Hide
  • Case Studies (7 ECTS credits)
  • Science Communication (3 ECTS credits)
Mandatory 3-Month Internship (15 ECTS credits)Hide
Master's Thesis (30 ECTS credits)Hide

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